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The unique Jewish method that guarantees greatness.

child raising


The unique Jewish method of raising a child that guarantees greatness.

child raising

Ever wondered why the jews lead any part of the world they are found? Even outside their home towns many of them still lead others in their home town. Even the scientist have found out that an average Jew has a higher IQ compared to the rest of us. Most of these things come from the consciousness that was built into them by both their environment and the teachings of their parents. A average Jew believes that God’s covenant with Abraham affirms or assures his success.

Jewish mother


  1. Teach your children to pray. Luke 11:1 .
  2. Involve your children in local assembly or church activities.
  3. Speak blessings over your children.  Prov 18 vs 21.
  4. Pray for their spiritual growth and protection.
  5. Lay hands on them and bless them. Luke 18 vs 15-16.
  6. Have men and women of God bless your children.

Jewish methods of teaching  a child new things

  • Visuals; knowledge we receive through physical or visible illustrations.
  • Repetitive; knowledge received by doing things over, saying words over and over until it sinks into us.
  • Chanting; knowledge received through repetitive musical tones.
  • Musical; knowledge received in songs or knowledge stored up in songs.


Unlike what our children experience these days, where they have to join the day care at age one, the jews actually take it upon themselves to teach their children first before sending them off to school, these set of people believes that a parent is the first teacher a child should know. The word teacher (Jewish meaning-Morim) and Parent( Jewish meaning-Horim) both have a similarity in their meanings… “to teach and to instruct “ which is what they do.


lead jew

Note;  the Jewish parent understands that “You can’t follow what you can’t see, you can’t listen to what you can’t hear and definitely can’t obey what you don’t know”. Which is why they take it upon themselves to teach and instruct their children in the way they should go.


I strongly believe that if we all can go back to spending time with our children, hearing them out, making sure they trust us enough to discuss things they wouldn’t tell their friends, with us, then and only then can we truly get to influence the life of this 21th century generation.


Please do well to drop your opinion on to why the jews have kept this position of intelligence for so long and how we can attain to it



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