Part-Time Jobs for International Students In Canada

Part Time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Some high-paying part-time jobs for international students in Canada are bartenders, sales assistants, baristas, and dog walkers. These part-time jobs help international students to offset some of the overwhelming costs of studying in a foreign country.

Managing your finances will be a breeze with the right international students’ part-time jobs in Canada. Simply follow the regulations for part-time jobs in Canada and choose a job that does not interfere with your studies.

Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Top 10 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs For International Students In Canada

International students in Canada usually have to take up part-time jobs. Most of these part-time jobs can be done alongside your studies with no interference. Most importantly, these jobs do not require formal education. In most instances, the equivalent of a high school diploma in your home country will suffice.

Here are some of the best part-time jobs for international students in Canada:

1. Server/ Bartender

CAD $13 per hour on average)

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When it comes to the highest paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students, server/bartender is unquestionably the best option. While some might argue that bartending jobs are exhausting, they also pay well!

Another attractive feature of this part-time job is the tips. Because tips are typically 15% to 20%, you can earn a good living.

Most servers and bartenders begin with only the most basic training, allowing you to get started right away. And if you’re looking for a job that appeals to people of all ages, there aren’t many better options.

2. Sales Assistant

(CAD $14 per hour on average)

A sales assistant is a part-time job that can be very profitable for international students. They usually work in retail, selling items such as clothing or groceries.