A Complete Guide to Canada Permanent Visas

A Complete Guide to Canada Permanent Visas
A Complete Guide to Canada Permanent Visas

Many factors influence people’s decision to immigrate to Canada. Canada offers everything, including the opportunity to pursue a high-quality education, the security of free universal healthcare, and the high standard of living that the country is known for. To help foreign nationals become permanent residents, this nation also provides various types of visas. These visas are known as Canada permanent visas. A Complete Guide to Canada Temporary Visas.

A Canadian permanent visa allows its holder to remain there indefinitely. You can relocate to any province in Canada and live, work, and study there once you have a Permanent Canada Visa. You will be issued a Permanent Resident Card as soon as your visa is approved. A card, also known as a Canadian PR Card, attests to your status as a permanent resident of Canada. It must be carried at all times, especially when travelling. 

We will cover the entire list of Canadian permanent visas and relevant information on them in this article to help you understand the various types of Canadian permanent visas and which one is best for you. A complete guide to Canada permanent visas.

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Benefits of a Canada Permanent Visa

You are permitted to do the following if you are a permanent resident of Canada:

  • Live, study, or work anywhere in Canada.
  • Receive the majority of social benefits that Canadians receive, such as health insurance.
  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian law provides you with protection.
  • When eligible, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Note: To receive the benefits, you must consistently pay Canadian taxes and abide by the law.

What you can’t do with a Canada permanent visa

  • You cannot vote, 
  • you cannot run for office.
  • You cannot hold jobs requiring a high level of security clearance.

Requirements for  Canada Permanent Visas

The eligibility requirements for the various types of Canadian permanent visas vary, but the following criteria must be met to qualify for a permanent Canada visa:

  • A passport issued by a legitimate government has at least one blank page in it but is not the last page.
  • Translate correctly all application materials that are not in English or French.
  • Possess two photos that adhere to Canada’s photo requirements.
  • Possess a spotless criminal record and be able to prove it in court.
  • Evidence of paid processing and visa fees.
  • Completed and signed Visa Application Center (VAC) consent form.
  • Possess a Medical examination report.
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Types of Canada Permanent Visas

  • Family-Sponsorship Program
  • Self-employed Person Visa
  • Startup Visa Program
  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program 
  • Canadian Experience Class

Family-Sponsorship Program

You have the chance to support a family member who wants to immigrate to Canada if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The Canada Family Sponsorship Program allows you to do this.