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The power of a name

named baby

named baby

The power of a name.

Although the personality of a child is described by the DNA of both parents and the ancestors. The value system that molds how a child thinks about himself or herself and he or she treats others, emanates from the seeds planted over the years by the activities of the parent and the family members. This is understood by the jews and confirmed through out the scriptures; Parents have three (3) responsibilities in naming and discipline a child;

  1. Selecting a child’s name that bears a significant spiritual meaning and of which a child can be proud.
  2. Consistently encouraging and affirming the child during the parental training process.
  3. Determining proper actions for discipline based on each child’s unique personality.

strong baby

Just as in many cultures where the name of a child is usually determined or selected prior to the name of a beloved relative or family member, so also, Christians mostly choose their Children’s names from the Bible; names like Abigail, Martha, Sarah, Mary etc… for the girls and John, Moses, Judah, Paul etc…. for the boys. Most of the names chosen usually have to do with the life or fulfillment of whoever is recognized to first bear the name or the personal meaning of the name itself; which is why names like Judas, Ichabod or Bathsheba are not on the list… I can imagine I would wake up every morning to “swear” for the pastor if I was named one.(smiles).

We would understand even from the Holy scriptures how God had to change certain men and women’s name to align with their future or destiny…the likes of Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Oshea to Joshua, Jacob to Israel and even one of Jesus’s disciples Simon to Peter.


The focus of all this is to bring us to the understanding or the consciousness of the fact that our names or the names we give to our children does matters. For every child is the right thing to do. The scriptures says “teach a child in the way he should go, and he will never depart from it…not the part you want him to go(just paraphrasing).

Let’s ask God’s help or listen to His instructions in naming our children because He actually should be and wants to be involved in everything about us.

He loves us and He is a jealous God

Below are pictures showing biblical names and their meanings.

name meaning

Drop your comments on your view on naming. It’s very much valued.


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