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Mp3 Music Download & Lyrics: YB – Still Going

Mp3 Music Download & Lyrics: YB – Still Going
Mp3 Music Download & Lyrics: YB – Still Going

YB – Still Going Mp3 Music Download & Lyrics

Global prolific music artist and talented singer and rapper Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, born October 20, 1999, known professionally as YoungBoy Never Broke Again “YB“. This song is titled “Still Going”.

YB – Still Going Mp3 Music Download


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LYRICS: YB – Still Going

Yeah, uh, ayy (Woah)

Look, pressure on my shoulders, still I lift (Woah)
I been sendin’ prayers since my cousin worked the shift, uh (Shift)
Movin’ wit’ the brightest, know the touch probably the Midas
If I exit, I’m excited, ’cause my Father up in here, huh (Woah)
Yeah, uh, I’ve been fightin’ battles on my lonely (Woah)
Struggle to be still, uh, know that He God, it’s His will (Grr)
Even when I sleep, the angel army (Woah)
I don’t got it, it ain’t in me, no, it’s on me, yeah (Woah)
I know I been a target (Target), I know they been harvest (Harvest)
Please don’ test me, uh (Woah), we gon’ benchmark it
Know they been ready (Woah), but we been started (Woah)
They say life changes, celebration way up in heaven, well
We gon’ need prolly ten parties, ha, probably more, you see (See)
If He ever shoot, I shot, it’s from the court, you see, uh (See)
I had classmates who never left the porch, you see, huh (Woah)
Ain’t no coolin’ on this movement, we face scorchin’ heat, huh
We send light out to the dark places (Dark), big numbers like car payments
Can’t nobody eat in our space ’cause everybody wanna sharktank it (Woah)
Everybody want the big numbers, everybody want the like (Like)
Everybody wanna live, uh, don’t nobody want a life, uh
Chains to bear on my life was there, my prayers were heard, I’m free (Uh huh)
Seen the call, I heard the voice, I need the jump, I lead (Woah)

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