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Ministering Gifts.

what is my purpose

Ministering Gifts. 

what is my purpose

Ministering Gifts.

They are gifts given by Christ Himself upon His Ascension. This gifts He gave to His body( the church ) to ensure that they are been guided into the fullness of what His death and resurrection has bought for them. He gave five of them; Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teachers.

1. Apostle:

From the Greek word Apostolos meaning “to send” . They are men specially called, commissioned and given authority by the Lord Jesus to be His representatives in proclaiming the gospel and establishing His church.
Apostle are men that also represent the church in that they are the main church planters and they massively help the church when it comes to spiritual and numerical growth.
2. Prophets:

The office of the Prophet is gifted towards receiving and communicating direct revelation from God by the Holy Spirit. They are also concerned with the spiritual life and purity of the church. They can also be referred to as SEERS.
Prophets have the ability to see into the spirit realm, know things that have been done or that will be done and then declare them beforehand to the church with the purpose of either warning, exhorting, comforting or edifying the church.
3. Evangelist:

They are those God called men like Phillip in “Acts 8″, who are specially gifted anointed and commissioned to proclaim the gospel of Christ and His Kingdom to cities and unsaved individuals so as to awaken Faith. Most times with huge power flows, Healing, signs and wonders.

Although every believer has been commissioned to Go into the word and preach the Gospel of Christ which is one one of the reasons we’ve all been saved. “John 15: 16. Still some of us just have that as their special assignment.
4. Pastor:

Pastors are those ones whose calling and ministering gift cause them to devotes themselves to shepherd, oversee and care for the spiritual need of a local congregation. The task of the Pastor is to help believers grow up to Christ (ephesians 4:15-16) be teaching God’s word and exercising spiritual leadership in the local church, been a visible example of purity and sound doctrine (Titus 2:7-8), they are to see to it that all believers remain in God’s grace.

They safeguard the flock by fishing out false doctrines and false teachers within the church… Jesus Himself been the model of a good shepherd Pastors are to be.

5. Teachers:

They are men with special God-given gifts to clarify, expound and divide the scriptures with effectiveness, accuracy and power in other to build up the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). They, by the help of the Holy Ghost guard the gospel entrust to them, they point out biblical revelations to the church to help equip the Saints for the work of the ministry.

They ensure that human ideas and experience or cultural background are not the bases of bible interpretation but by the spirit of God.



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