Home Gospel Songs Lizzy Gold- Chioman {New song} @ lizzy Chiomam

Lizzy Gold- Chioman {New song} @ lizzy Chiomam

Lizzy Chiomam

Lizzy Gold @ CHIOMAM


                                              Lizzy Gold’s new drop – CHIOMAM


Lizzy Gold is a true worshiper, a multi capable craftswoman and lyricist.She is endowed with a soul lifting quality vocal,the CEO of Organic Skin Care,an Event Organizer and a Make Up Craftswoman.Lizzy Chiomam is a song she wrote out of gratitude to God.

lizzy Chiomam  is a tune she wrote in her wilderness period.

“When I thought the whole world has come to an end….I had the Holy spirit reminding me of the people that died in the same hospital I was admitted in July 4th 2017 and how that Chiomam brought me back to life.

Chiomam is a song that will launch you into realms in God.

Released by AMADIN IHEGIE.

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