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How to know your Purpose, fulfill it and live a satisfied life


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How to know your Purpose, fulfill it and live a satisfied life.


What is purpose?
The purpose of life is to love, to become one with that love and to radiate this love to others. Purpose also is described as one’s life message{what a person has to deliver to humanity} and life direction{where a person have to go or has to be, to reach the peak of his achievement and get satisfaction}.

Having a life purpose and understanding it helps with the following things;

1.What is important and what is not:
The saying “One has to be careful enough not to major on minor or minor on major, but to major on the major things.” is not only applicable to a few part of our lives but on every part of our activities.Success is a good thing but early one is alot better and prefered, knowing the rights to put first will ensure these so learn to set your priorities right.
2. Measuring one’s growth and movement in life:
Just like writing our daily goals helps to determine how fruitful a day is at the end of it, so does writing our life goals helps to measure how close we are to it. Seting our priorities and the time limit we are giving ourselves to acheive them helps to push us to action and brimgs us closer to our dreams.
3. Define your life:
When your life has a definite purpose, a definite reason for existing and a definite reason for doing every thing you do, even when things go out of hands at times, our inner reasons will stop us from quitting.

what is my purpose

Discovering your Purpose
Every one of us carries his own reasons with him right from birth. It usually is that one thing we’ve always wanted to do and is willing to give everything away for.Ask yourself, what would I love to spend my time on if money isn’t an issue?. YES, That is it! just go for it. Even the Holy scriptures says “the gifts of a man makes room for him”. So just go on a personal retreat and take a break on the things that presently occupy you,silent the noise in your mind and listen to what heart has to say about your present circumstances. Search your heart for that utmost desire you’ve always wanted to see done and go for it.

How to fulfill purpose.
1. Make a personal decision on what your goals are.
2. Set your priorities.
3. Stay away from negative people.
4. Check the world records for men that has fulfilled pursose or even the Bible for the mistakes they made that slowed them down and the positive attitudes that brought in early results and to earnestly adhere to them.
5. Trust God, be flexible to every move of the Holy Spirit asking you to make any changes.
6. Be faithful to your plans and be consistent,persistent and resilent.
7. Keep at the above listed things and you will watch your desires and goals fulfilled to it crescendo.


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