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Israel Houghton Unwraps Official Cover Art for “Road To DeMaskUs” Album

isreal houghton-promise keeper

Road to DeMasKUs


Six-time GRAMMY® winning artist, ISRAEL HOUGHTON, has unveiled the official cover art for his highly anticipated album, Road To DeMaskUs.

Road To DeMaskUs will release in September and is available for pre-order on September 7th. The new project is a nod to the popular Biblical tale of the Apostle Paul’s journey of transformation. The title displays an intentionally creative spelling as it encourages the removal of all the “masks” we find ourselves wearing in life.

Speaking about the upcoming album, Israel wrote;

The longer I live the more I realize, especially in this day and age- that we all have masks we wear, to impress, to fool people, to filter, to hide from others, to fake out, to shield, to protect, & unfortunately it leads to a phony non-authentic life. It allows us to make empty agreements with the non-genuine version of ourselves, which leads to such pain

Let the Grace Of God move your heart and your hands to take action. His love is overwhelming and His freedom is a real force. I’ve experienced it & I am committed to you encountering it as well” He Added

This narrative and this project is a way of taking mine off and inviting you & everyone around you to do the same.  There is something so freeing about truth, transparency, honesty & authenticity. This album is my journey in music form to get to where I am today. This is personal. This is a TELL ALL album.  This is ROAD TO DEM̶A̶S̶K̶US” – Houghton Concluded.

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