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God’s Feast, Sabbaths and Special Family Celebration


God’s Feast, Sabbaths and Special Family Celebration

The little girl asked,  “Daddy, why is that man dressed so strange? “He was an Orthodox Jew dressed in traditional Hassidic black clothing with dark curls bouncing from his temples off his cheeks. He was placing a white player shawl over his head. To those outside his religion, he looked rather peculiar.

The Hebrew celebrations are special days that have been set apart to mark days that new things happened to the children of Israel or when God showed himself great to them.

Most of them are listed before;




Passover night


reminded the israelites of the deliverance from egypt when death passed over their homes.

Unleavened bread

unleavened bread

Reminded the Israelites of their quick departure from Egypt,( Bread without leaven)

First Fruit

first fruit

A day to celebrate the first visible ripening of the barley harvest.



A day reminding the Israelites of when God revealed the laws to Moses on Mount Sinai.



A memorial of blowing trumpets




Was marked as the day, once a year, when a high priest would atone for Israel’s sins.



Was to remember the forty years of Israel wandering in the wilderness.

These are the known festivals the Israelites; well If you know more, drop them in the comment box.

It’s also okay to drop some prophetic linkage to the new covenant.

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