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God Frame releases “Hello Jesus” album

hello jesus-GodFrame

                          hello jesus-GodFrame   

                                                  “Hello Jesus” -GodFrame


A chrstian hip hop artist based in AtlantaGodFrame has just released his third albulm “Hello Jesus. His album which he released on Friday Aug 10 on GodFrame Entertainment is a 13-track project that includes the single “Forever Always” ft Broadway actress and singer Chadae.
GodFrame who claims singing feels like breathing to him said he is so happy to release his first ever album since four years he’s started his career, in his words,he said,”it feels really good to release music again,like it’s exactly what am supposed tobe doing- just like breathing.”. Going further to say he misses his fans {the #FRMRZ} and is glad to be reaching them again.
The album, he said, is meant to show the world how close he is to God and we can be, Checking the title HELLO JESUS indicates that is not just that Big Guy that lives up up above in the skies… He is a being that we can relate with just as we do our loved ones,send messages to as w do our spouses, express our love toand move to as close as we want. He reaffirms that the relationship that we have with God is a function of how we want it to be ..i.e God is always open to us and as the father of he prodigal son, He is always waiting to throw a big party immediately we decide to come back home.
A former youth pastor for Grammy-award winning artist Smokie Norful, whose name means “made in God’s image”… He is a person that fell in love with music at an early age and started with beat boxing and drumming with the top of plates and pots… learned piano as he and his love for God grows.

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“Hello Jesus” Album link: http://smarturl.it/hellojesus

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