Home Gospel Songs Fulfilling your purpose; how to go about it.

Fulfilling your purpose; how to go about it.


Fulfilling your purpose; how to go about it.

Purpose as it is has been a issue that most people do not understand until they are old or totally engrossed in something else. Although starting over is not always an easy choice, it has always been the best one. Getting purpose right one must understand the following things;

  1. Understanding what purpose really is: Until purpose is discovered, existence has no meaning, for purpose is the source of fulfillment.  Purpose itself is defined as the reason or the expected end of something. To really get a taste of success, purpose must be established.  Your very existence is evidence that the universe needs something unique from you, and you would be upsetting it balance by not providing it.
  2. The Nature of Purpose; Plans may change,but purpose is constant.  God accurately designed each of his creature to fit perfectly into its environment and purpose.” We are the way we are because of why we are. ” Your design fits perfectly into the purpose of God for you. All of your potentials and talents surely leads you only to that same point. But then it must be known that purpose cannot be fulfilled in isolation… The gift of men is important and should be cherished.
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4. The principles of purpose;

  keep your head and heart going in the right direction and you won’t have to worry about your legs.
(I)  God never made anything just for the fun of it.     (II) God is a God of purpose.

(III) Everything in life has its purpose.

(iv) Wherever purpose Is not known, abuse Is inevitable.

(v) If you want to know the purpose of a thing, never ask the thing.

(vi) Purpose is only found in the mind of the creator.

(vii) Purpose is the only key to fulfilment.

5. The Priority of Purpose;

…purpose precedes creation; romans 8:30

Purpose coincides with your natural  abilities and talents. When God gives you a purpose, He equips you for it .

           …”what God calls for, He pays for”.

Life without purpose is time without meaning, ignorance is dangerous because it permits that we llive all our lives and never know why we lived.

It is better to do what God ask of you, than t o do something you think is nice.

6.Purpose defines Success;  Success simply is defined as obedience to purpose.

We start going out of purpose when we start to think that others hold our success, we find our selves doing everything to please those people and at the end we realized that we are far from fulfillment.





See you at the other side. ( fulfillment).

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