How to Study in Canada for international students

How to study in Canada for international students

For international students, Canada, a nation in North America, is a fantastic place to study. Compared to other first-world nations, it is inexpensive. Some of the best universities in the world are located there. Additionally, after graduating, international students can continue to work in Canada. Students from several countries compete yearly for a place in Canada’s educational system.

Despite being a popular study-abroad destination, many international students still don’t know how to study in Canada. We will be covering everything you require to study in Canada as an international Student.

About the Education System In Canada

The Canadian educational system is very beneficial to international students. It enables international students to enrol whenever they can.

This educational system includes three intakes, in contrast to most other nations, which only permit one. Autumn, summer, and winter are the three seasons for these intakes.

The main intake starts in September, which is the “Fall” season. The start of the “Winter” intake is in January, while the start of the “Summer” intake is in May. 

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You should apply for the “Fall” (September) intake if you wish to be considered for a scholarship offered by a Canadian institution.

Cost of Studying and Living in Canada

Compared to other well-known international study destinations, Canada is less expensive. The anticipated annual cost of living and studying in Canada is between CAD 21,200 and 66,500 ($16,432.76 and $51,543.39).

How much it will cost you to live and study in Canada will depend on the program and institution you select. You can apply for the many scholarship programs available in Canada if you cannot afford to study and live there.