How to Move to Canada Without a Degree

Move to Canada Without a Degree

Contrary to popular opinion you don’t necessarily need a college degree to immigrate to Canada. That is correct! No matter your skill set or work experience, Canada has a wide range of options for you. 

Finding the best immigration opportunity for you is the key. To help you with this opportunity, we will detail the easiest way to move to Canada without a degree here in this article.

Is it possible to move to Canada without a degree?

Yes, many programs in Canada enable people to migrate without a degree. All you need to do is find the right immigration programs that suit your skill level and work experience.

Move to Canada without a degree

How Does This Work on how to move to Canada without a degree?

There are many options for people without degrees in the various Canadian immigration programs. skill level, work experience, and whether or there is a job offer are the three key considerations when looking for the best immigration program.

  • In Canada, high-skilled jobs are typically categorized at National Occupational Classification (NOC) TEER levels 0, 1, or 2, whereas intermediate or low-skilled jobs are typically categorized at TEER levels 3, 4, or 5.
  • Professional positions like those of a doctor, lawyer, or accountant fall under TEER 1.
  • Technical or skilled trade positions like those of a chef, plumber, or electrician fall under TEER 2.
  • Retail butchers, long-haul truck drivers, and roofers are a few examples of TEER 3 jobs that are found in the processing, transportation, and hospitality industries.
  • Desk clerks, receptionists, and bartenders are examples of TEER 4 jobs, 
  • Fruit pickers, cleaning staff, and food and beverage servers are examples of TEER 5 jobs.
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What is the National Occupational Classification (NOC)?

The NOC is the system used in Canada to categorize jobs. Jobs are typically categorized by category (or larger industry) and skill level, with the highest level of skill being level A and the lowest level being level D. (for jobs that do not require any specific training).

Education Requirements for Occupation Skill Levels

  • Jobs with a skill level A typically demand a university degree.
  • Jobs at skill level B typically require several years of college or an apprenticeship (usually at least 3 years).
  • A high school diploma, a brief course, or occupation-specific training of up to 2 years” are typically necessary for skill-level C jobs.
  • Typically, only a small amount of “on-the-job training” is necessary for skill-level D jobs.

Easiest Way to move to Canada Without a Degree

You can immigrate to Canada and get a Canada work permit without a degree by applying for specific immigration programs. Here are the top 6 ways to immigrate to Canada without a degree:

  1. Provincial Nominee Program
  2. The Express Entry
  3. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  4. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  5. Agri-Food Pilot
  6. The Home Care Provider Pilots
  • Provincial Nominee Program
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Workers from abroad who want to immigrate to Canada and have a job offer from a company that lasts at least a year. Can participate in the Provincial Nominee Program. Different provinces and territories have their programs and requirements. Finding out where in Canada there is a demand for your skill is crucial.