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If you are reading this right now, chances are that: You or someone in your family has high blood pressure. 
… as you read this, your blood is pumping hard against your blood vessels, slowly making them harden and ready to burst. It is a silent violent killer.
But in a few minutes, I’ll show you how I reversed my high blood pressure using just a cup of tea, and how anyone can copy what I did.

The worst part is high blood pressure gives no warning – it can drop you anytime, anywhere – and in the worst places. 

One minute you could be walking down the street, and the next moment it could drop you to the ground – in the middle of the street, struggling to breathe & fighting for your life from a stroke or heart attack.

This is why you need to read every word on this page very carefully.

I used to have blood pressure as high as 154/100, and at one point it got to 180/100 & the doctors said I might have a stroke at any time. 

This made me so scared, I started to look for ways to reduce my high blood pressure – and in a few months I found it, and I have not been on drugs for 10 months now.

Yet – my blood pressure is below 120/90 – consistently.

Because Here is The Thing

My name is Tayo Ogundele – I am 45 years old & my Father died from Kidney failure. 

One day his legs and body and his hands started to swell, we rushed him to the hospital and they said it was his kidney & it was failing rapidly – you see, the kidney helps the body to remove sweat & urine.

This means if there is liquid in your body, the kidney removes it by making you urinate or sweat. 

Since the kidney was failing, it was not removing the urine or liquid in my father’s body, so they started to pile up – and the more it piled up, the more his body swelled up. 

So the doctor said we had to remove the liquid manually – this is called Dialysis & It costs about ₦120,000 per week & ₦480,000 – every single month to do it in a government hospital! 

…to cut a long story short, we did everything we could & he still died. It was one of the most painful experiences in my life.

How Is This Connected to Reversing Your Blood Pressure?

It is because it was that experience that led me to what I am about to show you. 

-Let me explain:

You see, the doctor told us that my dad had long, uncontrolled high blood pressure which was what led to his kidney failure – 

And when this happens – the blood begins to push HARD on the blood vessels – so hard that these blood vessels scattered all over your body begin to burst. 

If it busts in your brain – it causes a stroke. 

If it shatters in your kidney – it causes kidney failure 

>If it shatters in your heart – heart attack 

…and the worst part is, when you have high blood pressure NO ONE knows when or where the blood vessel will bust. 

For my dad, it happened in his kidney.

👉 YES! Reverse My Blood Pressure


After My dad Died I checked my Own Blood Pressure

It was at a whopping 182/100

My doctor screamed; ‘’Your blood pressure is high. You have high blood pressure & I have to put you on bed rest’’

Now imagine my fear at that point: here I was – having the same issue my father had just died from. I did not know which of the high blood pressure complications I would have. 

Heart attack?


Kidney failure? 

Heck, in some cases – high blood pressure can cause dementia when you age (that thing where older people wander & can’t remember who they are) 

Anyways – they put me on bed rest, tracked my blood pressure for a few days & immediately put me on drugs. I remember that afternoon like it was yesterday when the doctor said:

👉 YES! I Want 120/80 mmHg BP Reading

You’d Have to Stay on BP Meds All Your Life

It shocked me; I have always watched people who had high BP from afar but I never thought it would happen to me too! 

Imagine taking those pills, every day of your life! At first, it was not a big deal for me (anything to stop my high BP), not until I found out that taking those medicines had complications! 

For instance – do you know that long-term use of high blood pressure medicine can lead to kidney failure (this does not include other complications like weak erection in men, body swelling, headache, and dizziness??)

The drugs could still damage your kidneys!!!

Don’t take my word for it, take a look – it was discovered by US scientists.

Imagine my dismay When I Found Out That

👉 YES! Normalise My High Blood Pressure

Not Taking Drugs & Even Taking Drugs Could Still
Cause Me Kidney Failure!!

No drugs = Problem 
Taking Drugs = Problem

It was very clear what I needed to do at that point – I had to reverse high blood pressure & get off my drugs – asap, so I don’t end up with a bad kidney, swelling all over my body & spending half a million every month to stay alive!

I have seen people lose EVERYTHING they have & start begging while treating high blood pressure complications: 

But Then My doctor told me: 

‘’High Blood Pressure Has no Cure’’

I am sure your doctor may have told you the same thing – they are not completely lying, but they are not telling you the entire truth either.

I believed them, and stayed on my meds – but the more I took the drugs the more dependent I got on it. If I don’t take the drugs for two days – my blood pressure would shoot up 

 You see – just like I believed my Doctor too. But then I discovered something else – 

If you have malaria then you take a drug that kills the malaria parasite & so you get cured. 

But – if you have high blood pressure the drugs you take do NOT address the root cause of high blood pressure. 

It does only TWO THINGS: 

  1. Slows the heart down so it doesn’t pump blood with force. 
  2. Opens up your blood vessels so blood can flow more 

As you can see, these are just things that help you manage the problem. This is why your body will become dependent on the drug the more you use it. It does not solve the root cause.

👉 YES! Normalise My High Blood Pressure

Here is what the real issue is

Your Body is Just Like a Generator Set

Imagine putting fuel & oil into a generator for 20 years; over time dust settles into it and it gets dirty – soon it breaks down (if it is not serviced). 

If a generator can break down, imagine what has been happening inside your body for the past 20, 30, 40, and 50+ years you have lived on Earth.

Just think of it –  the generator produces smoke – while your body makes different kinds of smelly and non-smelly wastes. 

The bad news is: Not all of these wastes leave your body. 

And Over time the dirt and toxins begin to build up and block your blood vessels – and because your blood vessels are blocked with fat, toxins & wastes – the heart begins to STRUGGLE to push the blood. 

Which causes your blood pressure to spike. This means:

The Root Cause of Your Problem is 

Your Body is Not Removing Wastes Like It Did When You Were Younger!

These wastes are splashed all over the walls of your blood vessels right now and stop the smooth flow of blood around your body. 

This is why your BP meds do not cure you because it does not remove the waste that has clogged up your system over the years! The pharmaceutical companies also don’t want to tell you this because they will make more money selling you drugs for life than giving you one that solves the problem once and for all.  

After a doctor friend explained this to me; my focus shifted from solving the symptoms & focusing on cleaning up my body system. 

If you do this, the circulation of blood will improve & your blood pressure will reduce:

My Doctor friend then went ahead to introduce me to

👉 YES! Crush My High Blood Pressure

The High BP Crusher

A herbal tea that cleans off accumulated waste In Your Blood Vessels

Here is How to Use The High BP Crusher

Step 1: Make tea with the High BP Crusher tea bag.

Step 2: Do this & drink it twice a day – morning and at night – whenever you take your meds. 

Step 3: Take it consistently for one month.

Here is what it does – just like a balm melts a boil this tea softens the wastes in your blood & blood vessels, making it 10X softer in a way that it can easily pass out of your body when you go to the toilet, through urine, and through sweat. 

By the 30th day of using this, you’d notice a significant decrease in your blood pressure as the wastes get flushed out – take it for 3 months and your blood pressure would be completely normal.

Don’t Take My Words for It 

Here is Real Life Feedback from People Who Have Used This Tea

I bought the prostate tea for my wife at the last market and already she feels better. She had slight issues which have improved. She was a coffee drinker and I wondered how she would go reverting to a herbal tea but now she enjoys the taste and finds it refreshing. She is going back to the doctor for another test next week and she is very optimistic. We’ll let you know”.
Raphael OlasupoBusiness Owner
Raphael Olasupo
I usually don’t drink herbal tea but I tried High BP Crusher recently. It has helped with my blood pressure and I also take medication. It is the most wonderful tea I’ve ever tasted! I’ve just bought my second lot, love, love it! Though I have sweet tooth I still loved it.

Now You See This Tea Works, You Now Have Three Options

Option 1: Ignore your high blood pressure – keep living your life, and don’t try to reverse it. The only option with this is that it destroys your blood vessels, and one day – one blood vessel is going to burst. 

Where exactly, we don’t know – this could lead to anything; from stroke to heart attack or worse – death. 

Option 2: Manage your BP with drugs all your life – and risk all the complications it comes with (including kidney failure) 

Option 3: Fix your BP from the root cause by removing the toxins and wastes in your system, so you can get off the drugs and finally live free of high blood pressure.

I Picked Option Three & My Blood Pressure Have Been Normal for the Past 10 Months Without Drugs

Now It is Your Turn 

Introducing the High Blood Pressure Crusher

👉 YES! I Want 120/80 mmHg BP Reading

Here is what to do next to order a pack of the high blood pressure crusher. 

Step 1 – Select your package below.

Step 2- Fill in your name, phone number, and address on the next page –

Step 3 – Expect a call from our office to schedule a day for the delivery of your HBP Crusher tea.




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👉 YES! Crush My High Blood Pressure




👉 YES! Crush My High Blood Pressure

Once it is delivered to you, use the tea bag 2x a day (in the morning and at night) together with a normal dosage of your bp drugs (if you are still on them). 

Use for one month, then slowly get off your med and see how improved your blood pressure has become.

This Free Health Report Reveals:

The ONE Secret Reason Why You Have High Blood Pressure & How to Get a Normal High Blood Pressure Again Using Just a Cup of Tea!

Want to crush that stubborn High BP naturally and eliminate stroke?

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