A Complete Guide to Australian Visa Types

A Complete guide to Australian Visa Types
A Complete guide to Australian Visa Types

Australia is the sixth-largest nation in the world by area and is a nation with a lot of untapped potential for foreigners. 

For visitors who want to travel to Australia for various reasons, this nation provides more than 100 different visa types. In this article, we will go over the several Australian visa types available and the complete requirements for each to guide you decide which one you need.

What is an Australia Visa?

You can visit Australia for a specific amount of time with the use of an Australian visa. Australia does not mark your passport with a visa stamp like the majority of other nations do. To determine if you have a visa when you arrive in Australia, the immigration officer will instead check an internet database where your visa rights are electronically maintained.

Who Needs a Visa for Australia?

Except for New Zealanders (who can acquire a visa upon arrival), everyone else must apply for a visa or other travel authorization before traveling to Australia. You can obtain an eVisitor, an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), or a visitor visa for short stays depending on your country.

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When Should I Apply For a Visa?

Depending on the type of visa you’re requesting, you must apply for an Australian visa during the following times:

You should typically give yourself enough time to process your tourist visa application, by applying at least one month before your trip. However, a few tourist visa applications have taken longer than four months to be processed, although the majority of applications are answered in a few weeks.

When requesting an eVisitor or ETA, you can submit your application up to a week before your trip.

Long-term visa applications, such as those for work visas, must be started as soon as possible because they can take months or even longer to complete.

Who Issues Australian Visas?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs is the authority that evaluates and makes decisions regarding all Australian visa applications.